Benny “King Of The Swingers” Lee
(Vox & Trumpet) The leader of the pack. Some say he has the voice to silence a thousand angels. Others proclaim his trumpet playing would rival Gabriel himself. Nobody says his dancing would wipe the floor with Fred Astaire.


Hannah “The Voice” Brine
(Vox) With one foot firmly entrenched in the jazz camp, another in the world of pop, and a third (?!) in DJ-ing, Hannah's musical diversity shines in the eclectic stance of The Whistlestop Five. Her melodies sweet, her phrasing sublime, she leaves people stunned with her rhythm and rhyme.


Dean “The Lean, Mean Sax-machine” Masser
(Tenor Sax) This guy has to be heard to be believed. Not since the playing days of Sam Butera has anyone produced a sound so perfect for jive and party. He stands almost seven feet tall (which is one of the reasons everybody is so complimentary). He is Benny's chief sideman/inspiration/
bodyguard and prefers venues with high ceilings.


Lee “Slide” Hallam
(Trombone) Almost every jazz trombonists' nickname in history is “Slide”, however Lee's name is derived from a most unfortunate accident at the local park aged just 6. By sheer good fortune, this accident has left him with an incredible high note register, and he only occasionally has to stop playing for a quick yelp.


Ray “R” Kelly
(Piano) Often confused with his R&B Rapping and Music Producing brother of the same name, Ray is not only a dazzling pianist, but has the expertise to sort out any electrical conundrum, and boasts a collection of amps and fuses for every occasion (not CORGI registered) - “Ooooooh, he's the World's Greatest”.


Phil “The Chap” Steel
(Drum Kit) Phil by name, Fill by nature… This guy is truly one of the most gifted drummers you are ever likely to hear, and is absolutely perfect for The Whistle Stop Five's “vintage” sound as he lives like he's in the 1950's. His dedication to authenticity stretches as far as his vintage Rover V4, which occasionally manages almost fifty miles an hour.


Nicola “Jazzcat” Farnon
(Upright Bass) This northern stunner has graced the jazz circuit for several years now with her own unique vocal and bass combination. The Whistlestop Five would not be the same without her (it'd be one less) and her vocal talents are put to good use – when trying to get cab home after the gigs.


“Benny, you and the band did a top job! Everyone has said it's the best Christmas party we've ever had. Particularly liked the A-ha tribute — same time next year?” Ali, Indigo Print Christmas Party, Bristol.

benny lee plays trumpet image

Hannah hits it

Sax smooth



Classic Jump, Jive Band in the Cadillac